Songkhla’s art scene comes alive

26 Aug 2016

Over the past weekend, Navin Rawanchaikul presented his latest project titled “OK NAKORN – Singora Diary” as part of AARA – About Art Foundation‘s Songkhla art and preservation programme. Also displayed in the space are contemporary works by artist Pinaree Sanpitak, amongst others.

One of the highlights is “OK NAKORN – Singora Diary”, a 15m-long old movie billboard-style painting, sitting over the now defunct stand-alone theatre Saha Cinema (Saha Phapayon) built in 1930. Presented on its original hoarding, the painting narrates the lives of Songkhla’s residents based on interviews and memories that Navin Rawanchaikul has collected and reimagines them as movie stars.

 Bangkok Post covers Navin and the revitalisation project.