Abdul Abdullah at Wyndham Art Gallery

11 Jul 2019

Abdul Abdullah is currently on view at Wyndham Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, as part of the exhibition STOLEN/WEALTH.

STOLEN/WEALTH, A play on the recent term ‘stolenwealth’* , is an exhibition that explores colonial history through the displacement of people and resources.
STOLEN investigates the impact of being taken from your family at a young age.
WEALTH examines the accumulation of capital by colonial powers and the impact of colonisation on those that have had their resources, including land, stolen from them.

STOLEN/WEALTH is on view until 4 August 2019.

*Stolenwealth is a term first coined by Aboriginal activist Robbie Thorpe.


Image: Abdul Abdullah, Ulysses, 2017, digital print, 100 x 75 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Yavuz Gallery.