Abdul Abdullah in Destiny Disrupted

14 Feb 2022

Abdul Abdullah is part of Destiny Disrupted – a group exhibition curated by Nur Shkembi that brings together artists who each explore narratives that contain the criticality, fragility, beauty, and brutality of the inherent nature of humanity. 

The role of the artist can be as a witness, changemaker, agitator, disruptor and social agent and in the act of such disruption, we find the innate desire to grapple with our destiny, an action which breaks open the possibilities of the future. The artist as the interlocutor and provocateur in all its wondrous forms is alive and beckoning the future to be reimagined, for destiny to be disrupted, and that itself is indeed a commitment to our humanity and to our future history.

Destiny Disrupted is now on view until 1 May at Granville Centre Art Gallery.

Image: Abdul Abdullah, Cyclical Histories 1, 2020, archival print, 120 x 90 cm, edition of 7 + 1AP