Agus Suwage: The Theatre of Me, a survey exhibition at Museum MACAN

9 Jun 2022

Agus Suwage’s solo exhibition titled Agus Suwage: The Theatre of Me is currently presented at Museum Macan in Jakarta, Indonesia, and it features more than 80 works encapsulating Suwage’s artistic career spanning over 30 years.

Agus Suwage is one of Indonesia’s renowned artists whose artistic practice surrounds continuous self-interrogation, the excavation of myths and symbols that frame the complexities of human relations and the national corruption of political power. As an artist who emerged amidst the turbulent social and political changes in Indonesia, his work profoundly expresses the hopes and frustrations of a generation swept up in shifts of power, influenced by the national reformation and globalization. His intentions are revealed through intimate and personal narratives, addressing broad cultural and political themes and relay schemes of power and authority that affect our livelihoods.

Moving on from deep personal reflection and sharp observations on society and politics, this exhibition focuses on the development of Suwage’s work by looking at the relationship between individual dreams and awareness of responsibility, as well as the role of the artist in opening up space for voicing social criticism.

The exhibition Agus Suwage: The Theatre of Me is presented at Museum MACAN until 15 October 2022.

Image: Agus Suwage, Luxury Crime, 2009, stainless steel, gold plated brass, rice, 50.5 x 115 x 69 cm | Photo courtesy of Studio Biru