Art Jakarta Drops Anchor in a Stormy Southeast Asian Art Market

9 Sep 2019

Ocula magazine rounds up Art Jakarta, highlighting Yavuz Gallery’s presentation at the Gallery and Spot sector of the fair.

“Another Singapore standout [at the fair] was Yavuz Gallery, showing works by 16 artists including Keb Cerda’s Operation Wunderland (2019), a large acrylic on canvas painting of slum housing whose corrugated iron roofs radiate a pink hue, and Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan’s Left Wing Project, Wing C (2018), a large crow’s wing made of hand-forged sickles overlapping like feathers.

…Striking a more irreverent tone in the Spot section was Filipino artist Ronald Ventura’s 50-square-metre man cave, Bobro’s World Tour, Jakarta (2019), an art fair hideout that included not just the artist’s pop art paintings but sofas, a display case full of expensive sneakers, and a karaoke booth. Presented by Yavuz Gallery, the entrance to the hideout was through the yawning maw of a giant gold Bobro, the artist’s signature cartoon bulldog.”

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