ART SG Portraits features Khairullah Rahim

27 Aug 2021

Artist Khairullah Rahim shows ART SG around his neighbourhood, the town of Boon Lay in Singapore, and explains how he translates its character into his elaborate installations.

As a multimedia artist working across painting, assemblage, video and photography, Khairullah Rahim is concerned with the stories and experiences of marginalised communities whose identities do not subscribe within societal normatively. He finds himself often charmed by the various demographic groups of his neighbourhood, from the blue collared working class to the elderly. He explains that he tries to emulate different veiled and lived experiences into the works he create by collecting clutter and other objects around the neighbourhood on his regular walks.

”My works have a tendency to appear very extravagant, but I think this kind of visual language, which references again, the language of excess, is very much inspired or borrowed from these lived experiences of people who fall under the working class demographic.” – Khairullah Rahim

Video Courtesy of ART SG.