ART SG speaks to Pinaree Sanpitak about her practice and projects

24 Apr 2022

ART SG paid Pinaree Sanpitak a visit to her Bangkok studio where she spoke about her works and journey as an artist, providing a glimpse of her development into an internationally acclaimed one. She discussed her extensive series of breast works, while changing in terms of materials used, the iconic form of elongated abstract breast shapes remains unaltered and has become increasingly sacred.

Another continuous series is the Ma-lai, referencing floral garlands served in Thailand as a symbol of significant occasions or passages of life but more profoundly as environmental issues such as beach corrosion and encroachment. The works surrounding the concept of Ma-lai were the various configuration of toile textiles, folded and manipulated to create magnificent installation pieces.

The recurring motifs, such as the ‘breast stupa’ and the Ma-lai that have become integral to Sanpitak’s work, and were delved into more comprehensively along with upcoming projects, including her participation at the Venice Biennale.

Sanpitak (b. 1961, Thailand) is widely regarded as one of Southeast Asia’s most important contemporary artists where she has developed an enigmatic inventory of symbols distilling women’s bodies to their most elemental parts, expressed variously through vessels, breasts, eggs, and subtly curved profiles.

Image: Artist portrait of Pinaree Sanpitak in her studio photographed by Marisa Srijunplaeng.