Singapore art fair showcases the nation’s cultural boom

30 Jan 2016

“[Antipodean Inquiry] gives a sense of the vitality of the art being made today in Australia and New Zealand. It’s also good to find a commercial gallery willing to sponsor an exhibition that introduces artists to a new audience.

Yavuz typifies the optimism that pervades the rapidly expanding Singaporean art scene. The most tangible sign of progress is the new National Gallery, which opened on November 24 in buildings formerly occupied by the Supreme Court and City Hall. These historical landmarks have been given a multimillion-dollar makeover, in which architects attempted the impossible feat of respecting heritage features while creating a state-of-the-art exhibition venue.”

Australian art critic John MacDonald reviews Singapore Art Week 2016, including a review of Antipodean Inquiry at Yavuz Gallery.

Visit the Sydney Morning Herald online to read the article, and click here learn more about Antipodean Inquiry.

(Image: Art Stage Singapore, via Sydney Morning Herald)