Artsy highlights Julia Trybala as one of five artists to watch

7 Mar 2024

Artsy Editorial picks Australian artist Julia Trybala as one of the artists on their radar for March 2024 as part of their monthly series “Artists on Our Radar”. This series focuses on five artists who have our attention. Utilizing our art expertise and Artsy data, we’ve determined which artists made an impact this past month through new gallery representation, exhibitions, auctions, art fairs, or fresh works on Artsy.

“Are they embracing one another, or themselves? Rendered in blood red, these works give off an erotic aura, but also a glimmer of violence.” muses Olivia Horn. Recently represented by Ames Yavuz, Trybala carries an astute dialogue with art history, her visceral paintings examine how feminine bodies have been represented through time. Portrayal of women is significant in her work, maintaining that maternal care and labour have been crucial for artists representing the human experience. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, complexity and dynamics of relationships are the focal points of her practice through which she transforms corporeal fleshy female forms into rendered scenes of care, fear and desire.

The artist recently concluded her first solo exhibition with the gallery and will be presenting new works at Frieze No.9 Cork Street in London next month.