“Beautiful politics”: 20 Questions with Abdul Abdullah and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

3 Jun 2022

Abdul Abdullah and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah are brothers and artists. Although their practices are distinctly their own, they both work across multiple forms, exploring memory, family, migration, transformation and Muslim identity, creating works that make statements equally affective and political.

Tiarney Meikus of Art Guide Australia caught up with Abdul and Abdul-Rahman to ask 20 quick questions about their life and art experiences, and about their new exhibition Land Abounds at Ngununggula, which also features work by Tracey Moffatt.

 In Land Abounds, the artists collectively draw on memory and experience, unpacking the representation and perpetuation of culture. Land Abounds explores the complexities of ownership, acknowledgement, and society’s role within it. 

Image: Abdul Abdullah in front of his newly commissioned polyptych Legacy Assets.