Bree Jonson at Vestfossen KunstLaboratorium

28 Apr 2018

Bree Jonson’s work will be presented at the 16th edition of Vestfossen KunstLaboratorium, opening 5th May 2018. Curated by Demetrio Paparoni, the international exposition Contemporary Chaos will present over 60 artists. The show focuses on diverse artistic practices that include regions in art history that were neglected in favour of a canon centred on the Western hemisphere. A catalogue featuring text by the artists will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.

“Once asked why I paint dogs, I answered: ‘As a metaphor for mankind.’ The next question was: ‘Why not just paint people?’ My reply: It’s important that one sees one­ self in another; to identify with is to relate with is to empathize with…” – Bree Jonson for the Contemporary Chaos exhibition catalogue

The exhibition is on view 5 May – 23 September 2018 in Vestfossen, Norway.