Caroline Rothwell in Conversation with Ocula

6 Apr 2021

“The exhibition in Singapore is called Corpus. Over the last few years, my work has looked at the connection between humanity, the botanical, and the industrial. I seem to spend an awful lot of time in plumbing supply stores looking at taps, drains, and ducts, which take on these bodily references.

I was very interested in thinking about them as the infrastructure of our urban world; thinking about this unseen territory that runs through the structure of society—all the piping systems for water, gas, data, and so on. I’m interested in those systems being the unseen infrastructure of our spaces.”

Tessa Moldan from Ocula interviews Caroline Rothwell on occasion of her first solo exhibition in Singapore.

Image: Caroline Rothwell, courtesy of the artist and Yavuz Gallery. Photo: Jenni Carter.