Conversation with Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak

14 Oct 2019

“[‘Red Alert! My Body My Space’] is a continuation of the ‘Red Alert’ series which I started in 2017. You can also see a few works in the series done using collagraph technique at STPI. I moved to a new studio two years ago, which is larger with better light, and I wanted to return to painting. These new works [at Yavuz Gallery] still feature the breast forms or breast vessels, but they’re painted in bright shades of red. With what’s going on around the world today, women’s issues are still relevant. This is is disheartening but we have to keep working on it. I want to bring a new alert to them.

I started some paintings in Bangkok and picked up on them again after the STPI residency. I had been thinking about walls and the idea of space this whole time, so geometric elements began appearing in the paintings as well. I’ve also used indigo in a few of the works, which gives them a different depth. That’s something I want to further develop after I return from Japan.”

Ian Tee from Art & Market profiles Pinaree Sanpitak on the occasion of her two solo exhibitions at Yavuz Gallery Singapore and STPI. Bodily Space: Confessed and Concealed is currently on view until 17 November 2019.

Image: Pinaree Sanpitak by Toni Cuhadi and courtesy of STPI.