Flowers For X: Patricia Perez Eustaquio

16 Dec 2016

“At Yavuz, [Patricia Perez Eustaquio] grounded the exhibition by transliterating the symbolism of 17th-century vanitas still-life paintings (voluptuous botanicals, mirrors and skulls, dead game) into contemporary allegories involving mouldering petals, quirky spears and the remains of a butchered goat. And like their medieval precursors, the artist elevates her morbid symbols from temporal physicality to morality tale—one that revolves around the modern consumer and how we destroy things in order to use them: What, she asks, becomes of our earthly desires when we exhaust their possibilities utterly?”

Marybeth from ArtAsiaPacific reviews Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s Flowers for X.

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