Hadieh Shafie unveils new works at Craft Contemporary

28 Jan 2024

Craft Contemporary presents ‘ART IRAN: Falling into Language’, a group show featuring Hadieh Shafie and eight other diaspora Iranian artists.

This group exhibition intricately explores Persian alphabet, handwriting, text, and fragments, delving into cultural heritage and artistic expression. Curated by Roshanak Gezelbash and Hoda Rahbarnik in collaboration with Far Hang Foundation, it offers a unique perspective on the convergence of language, culture, and identity in the art world.

Shafie introduces her latest works, ‘Ceiling Circle’ and ‘Floor Circle,’ marking a departure from her established body of work. In her own words, “For the last twenty-four years, I have focused my drawing practice on the single word eshgh… ‘Ceiling Circle’ and ‘Floor Circle’ are free from the bounding frame… ushering in reference to language rather than focusing solely on a single word.”

Discover Shafie’s latest works alongside earlier pieces that capture the evolution of her practice in ‘ART IRAN: Falling into Language,’ at Craft Contemporary in Los Angeles through 5 May 2024.

Image: Installation view of Hadieh Shafie’s works in ‘ART IRAN: Falling into Language,’ at Craft Contemporary, 2024. Courtesy of the artist.