Veteran artist Po Po on Buddhism, narcissism and the Myanmar art scene

26 Aug 2015

“I do not have big ambitions. I wish we could have a great contemporary art museum with contemporary architecture in Myanmar. I also hope to live in harmony with nature and to continue to create artworks untouched by main trends until the end of my days. Urban living with nice facilities and smart technology is good and comfortable, but it can also make people forget about human nature, and weaken the value and respect we have for one another.”

Burmese conceptual artist gave an insightful interview to Art Radar, answering questions about Out of Myth, Onto_Logical, his first solo exhibition outside of Myanmar; his artistic processes; revisiting works created at the beginning of his career in the 1980s; and his hopes for the future of Myanmar’s art scene.

Click here to learn more about the exhibition, on view until 13 September 2015.