Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, HEAD/HOME at National Gallery Singapore

29 Nov 2021

Husband-and-wife artist duo Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan create works through the processes of collecting and collaborating, using materials such as cardboard boxes and personal artefacts to illustrate the ideas of home, migration, family, and memory. Their works are a personal reflection, drawing on their own experience of migrating from the Philippines to Australia with their five children.

In the current edition of the National Gallery Singapore’s Children Biennale, the artists have created an immersive, large-scale installation titled Head / Home, both on view online and physically.

Head/Home is a floating city that invites children to be imaginative and express what their idea of a home is. Through this activity, children can dream up a home and work with their hands to create it using cardboard boxes and everyday materials, then add it to the floating city. These homes can also double up as wearable masks! In the Gallery of Self-Portraits, children may take a selfie with their creations and share their stories while discovering those of others.

Image: Head/Home by Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan + The Fruitjuice Factori Studio was first commissioned by National Gallery Singapore for Gallery Children’s Biennale 2021 : Why Art Matters. Photo credit: National Gallery Singapore