Julian Meagher in his third institutional solo exhibition, ‘Triple Rainbow’ at Mudgee Arts Precinct

1 Feb 2024

Julian Meagher unveils his latest solo exhibition, ‘Triple Rainbow,’ at Mudgee Arts Precinct, featuring a series of hyper-romantic paintings that dive into Mudgee landscapes. These series capture Meagher’s fascination with the subliminal transition from night to day during his recent visit to the region.

Among the collection, Julian’s figurative pieces portray his children wandering through their personal dreamscapes, aptly named ‘Rapid Eye Movement.’ These artworks contemplate the liminal realm between day and night, the conscious and subconscious journey of sleep cycles. They hold deep personal significance yet resonate universally, serving as cherished records of fleeting moments. Through his serene portrayal, devoid of direct interaction, the paintings offer a voyeuristic escape, inviting viewers to briefly transcend the mundane and find solace in tranquility.

With masterful manipulation of oil paint, Meagher creates a meditative atmosphere in his paintings, veiling thin, translucent layers to achieve a trademark pared-back effect. The final works breathe with a meditative quality and stillness.

Experience Meagher’s exhibition at Mudgee Art Precinct until 28 April 2024.