Julian Meagher’s The Green Ray at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

10 Feb 2023

The Green Ray, Julian Meagher’s second institutional solo exhibition opens tonight at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. 

The Green Ray is a return to Julian Meagher’s earliest subject matter of land and sky. Drawing on memories of treasured family holidays to Crookwell, NSW, Meagher‘s exhibition is imbued with personal histories and nostalgia, reflecting on the passage of time and the natural environment. Meagher’s exhibition features a new body of work including large scale paintings and a light installation which creates an immersive and changing viewing experience.

Installation view of The Green Ray, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. Photo by SilverSalt.

Continuing Meagher’s sustained interest in atmospheric optical phenomena, the exhibition references a light effect sometimes visible on an unobstructed distant horizon at sunset and sunrise, ’the green ray’. It appears fleetingly and it is so uncommon it retains a mythical status. The Green Ray plays with hyper-romantic links between nature and feeling, and the blurred lines between what is real and unreal. What seems ephemeral can instead be something enduring, revealed to us in glimpses.

The Green Ray will be on view until 18 March 2023 at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.