Khairullah Rahim and Jason Wee at Singapore Biennale 2019

24 Oct 2019

Yavuz Gallery artists Khairullah Rahim and Jason Wee will be participating in the upcoming 2019 edition of the Singapore Biennale, titled Every Step in the Right Direction.

Titled “Every Step in the Right Direction”, the 6th edition of the Singapore Biennale explores curatorial and artistic threads common to our human conditions and the catalytic role ‘hope’ plays in pushing for change.

Khairullah Rahim is presenting Intimate Apparitions, a large scale mixed-media installation. Located at Gillman Barracks, the commissioned work comprises of commonplace objects that have been recomposed into something less familiar. Through these assemblages, Khairullah looks at a range of public and private spaces, such as the open field, gazebo, exercise corner and bedroom. In doing so, he explores the adaptability and dual nature of these areas by the individuals or groups that use them. Concurrently, he considers how such spaces are imbued with powerful symbolic connotations when used by certain minority or non-mainstream communities.

Jason Wee will showcase Quora Fora: A Rehearsal, a performance-installation that examines the notions and ideals of ‘the quorum’. The work draws on the performers’ movements through space to unlock and activate considerations around the deliberative assembly, in the artist’s ongoing search for a new symbolic form of democracy.

Image: Khairullah Rahim, Intimate Apparitions2019, mixed media installation, dimensions variable, Singapore Biennale 2019 commission. Courtesy of the artist and the Singapore Biennale.