Khairullah Rahim: Between the covers of our daydreams

1 Aug 2022

Khairullah Rahim has been invited to participate in a group exhibition titled Between the covers of our daydreams, a project by Critical Craft Collective with his work titled, Buah Dahsyat (Fantastic Fruits). The exhibition aims to nurture the haptic, analogue and digital encounters of craft within the premise of an exhibition space. Selected artists were asked to examine elements of techne and the processes of making, alongside considerations of materiality, colour fields, intimate labour and the social production of the commissioned and existing works.

Within this showcase, there is a conscious desire to document transformative acts against forgetting. The mixed media works are a culmination and expansion of the conversation of crafting by way of extending the processes and techniques involved. Acknowledging the fact that there is strength in togetherness, this project hopes to narrate differing traditions into our present day reality.

The showcase is on view at Earl Lu Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore until 3 September 2022.

Images: installation view of Buah Dahsyat (Fantastic Fruits), 2022, video on screen, 7:18, assorted objects on stainless steel chain