Kien Situ in Earthen at Cement Fondu Art Space

14 Oct 2023

Kien Situ unveils two new works in a group exhibition titled Earthen, as part of the Cement Fondu Art Space annual programme ‘BETTER NATURE’.

‘BETTER NATURE’ embraces the complex entanglement between human and non-human worlds amidst ecological crises. This year’s theme turns its attention to the world beneath our feet. From these earthly origins, humanity has become a geological force in its own right, transforming the planet’s material nature by sculpting its surface at epic scales and imprinting its effects upon the micro elements of organism, sediment and soil.

In the context of the Anthropocene, Earthen reflects on humanity’s fundamental, and brings together Australian artists that engage with earth as a living and generative co-entity, drawing out the rich inter-relationship between earthly matter, humans, and other species.

The exhibition emerges as a ‘compost’ of ideas through transformation and transmutation, to uncover and reveal intangible ideas, energies, and cultural stories. Featured artists; Robert Andrew, Lucy Bleach, Kien Situ, Open Spatial Workshop (Terri Bird, Bianca Hester, Scott Mitchell), Shan Turner-Carroll, Isadora Vaughan.

Earthen is on view from 13 October 2023 through 3 December 2023 at Cement Fondu Art Space.

Images: installation view of Kien Situ’s works in Earthen at Cement Fondu Art Space, photographed by Jessica Maurer. Courtesy of the artists and Cement Fondu Art Space.