Mehwish Iqbal at Fairfield City Museum Gallery

30 Aug 2023

Mehwish Iqbal is part of A Whisper Echoes Loudest curated by Nikita Holcombe at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery. The group exhibition features eight artists that reflect on individual and collective experiences of colonialism by those who have always and those that now call Australia home. Exploring contested narratives that are otherwise concealed from public view and concern.

In this exhibition, Iqbal presents two compelling works: Infiltration of Foreign Entity and Interior Body (wolf embroidery). These pieces are part of her ongoing research that examining the geo-political scenarios giving rise to the influx of refugee and migrant diaspora, commodification of human agency, monopoly of power-play, hybrid identities and their complex reception in alien environments. Iqbal’s works represent a personal narrative, reflecting her background, aligning seamlessly with the broader theme of the exhibition. By sharing these difficult narratives, the aim is to cultivate empathy, understanding, and a sense of community

A Whisper Echoes Loudest will be on view until 10 February 2024.

Images: installation views of Mehwish Iqbal in A Whisper Echoes Loudest at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery. Photographed by Joanna Gallo. Courtesy of the artist and Fairfield City Museum & Gallery.