Moses Tan in Inheritance of Parts at Starch

27 Oct 2021

“Something is amiss. This feeling… like grief. Hanging on like wet cloth. A distant wind. Silent lightning. Thunder rumbling. Stomach sinking. The horizon reveals itself in parting clouds. Broken lines leading to nowhere. Have I always felt like I was drowning?

“Don’t rock the boat” they said.”

Inheritance of Parts is a collaboration group show featuring five young Singaporean artists.

Inspired by Kuo Pao Kun’s play, “Descendents of the Eunuch Admiral”, the exhibition looks at the agency of queer individuals within institutional structures wherein heteronormativity takes centre stage. Using various corporeal forms and adornments, these works become phenomenological responses to the various ideas of queerness, disavowal, and gossip within hegemonic structures, with open-ended questions as mirrors for ambiguous states.

Inheritance of Parts is currently on view until 7 November at Starch.