Moses Tan: Stranger(‘s) Touch

4 Dec 2022

The second iteration of Stranger(‘s) Touch takes place in the iconic Red Bus of Somerset Belt, an intimate exhibition featuring Moses Tan and four other Singaporean artists’ newly commissioned works. Curated by Daniel Chong, the eclectic mix of works pushes at the limits of domestic touch, creating novel ways to sense tactility. It hopes to bring unexpected visitors back to forgotten surfaces that tow the line of being uncanny and alluring. Like awkward new roommates, the products welcome you in a strange warmth which we hope you’ll grow to get used to.

Moses Tan’s between a stick and a sore spot taps unto the uncanny, reminding one of curved appendages or artificial fingers. As the strange limbs caresses along your skin, relieving tension knots, the fleshy massagers perturb the quality of touch we are so used to, almost giving life to the inanimate tools.

Stranger(‘s) Touch is on view on the Red Bus at Somerset Youth Park until 18 December 2022.

Image: Moses Tan, between a stick and a sore spot, 2022, Polymer clay and aluminium, Dimensions variable, courtesy of Stranger(‘s) Touch | Photography by Toni Cuhadi