Navin Rawanchaikul traverses barriers with THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD

3 May 2022

Swatch returns as a main partner of the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia where it will host the works of six artists at both Arsenale’s Sale d’Armi and Giardini. Navin Rawanchaikul’s THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD is displayed in the latter.

THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD is inspired by Marco Polo’s accumulation of personal stories commonly identified as Travels of Marco Polo, that recounts his journey around Asia. Rawanchaikul site-specific installation is based around his own travels to the birthplace of the reputable explorer and has led him to weave both of their narratives (and collected ones) to form this multi-layered installation that transcends cultural, national and temporal barriers.

Reminiscent of his dynamic art practices that engage directly with the public and deliver social commentary in an innovative style, THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD‘s foundation is composed of intense research conducted with members of immigrant communities that he encountered during his stay. Their stories are intertwined with his own journeys and a letter to Marco Polo, written by Rawanchaikul, read aloud in various languages.

As per tradition, Rawanchaikul will also create a Swatch Art special set to be released later in 2022 at the Biennale Arte.

Image: installation view of THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD, Giardini, SWATCH FACES 2022 at the Biennale Arte, Venice, Italy.