Pannaphan Yodmanee at MOCA Bangkok, Thailand

18 Mar 2021

Pannaphan Yodmanee presents a new installation, “The Magical Cycle of Birth and Death” as part of the group exhibition “Messages” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bangkok Thailand.

“Messages” explores the legacy of the late Thai-artist Chavalit Soemprungsuk, and his impact upon younger generations of contemporary Thai artists. The exhibition showcases new commissioned works of 6 artists, alongside published written messages from Soemprungsuk.

Throughout Chavalit Soemprungsuk’s long career, he regularly exhibited his work in Thailand while residing in the Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, which has the opportunity to accommodate many Thai artists. In 2013, he donated over 4000 pieces of his work and collections to the Thai government for educational purposes. This led to one of the most interesting exhibitions where his Amsterdam studio was reconstructed in the middle of Bangkok. From 2019-2020, we have seen his last and most memorable 80+ Art Festival Thailand to celebrate his career with his latest works in 6 locations. Since 2011, Soemprungsuk had regularly posted his digital works and his thoughts on his philosophies on life, work and art on a Facebook page.

Image: installation view of Pannaphan Yodmanee, The Magical Cycle of Birth and Death, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.