Patricia Piccinini opens ‘HOPE’ at Tai Kwun Contemporary

25 May 2023

Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition HOPE is now open at Tai Kwun Contemporary, curated by Tobias Berger.

Her most ambitious show ever in Asia, HOPE brings together Piccinini’s noteworthy and significant works from 20 years of her practice through sculpture, drawing, video, and installation. The artists’ debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong features more than 50 fascinatingly detailed and highly imaginative works that explore the unexpected consequences of tampering with nature.

In Piccinini’s work, the concept of interdependence takes centre stage as she explores the intricate relationships between humans and artificial objects like shoes, cradles, and chairs, as well as the interdependence between humans and other creatures. The artist’s fascination lies in what she terms “artificial nature,” where she envisions captivating and somewhat unsettling amalgamations of creatures. These “chimeras”, born from imagination or the laboratory, provoke fundamental questions about the boundaries of technological advancement. Humanity stands at the threshold of designing and creating new life forms and living-mechanical hybrids, a prospect that both fills Piccinini with hope and anxiety regarding the nature of progress.

Simultaneously, the artist contemplates how coexisting with such creatures would necessitate love, care, and empathy—qualities that humanity is ethically obligated to demonstrate towards other living beings we share our planet with. In HOPE, visitors will not only encounter Piccinini’s breathtaking vision but also be encouraged to explore deep inquiries surrounding progress, science, technology, and the ethical responsibilities of caregiving.

HOPE is on view through September 2023, at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong.

Images courtesy of the artist and Tai Kwun Contemporary.