Patricia Piccinini’s show on the list of sensational exhibitions to see in Singapore

18 Jan 2023

The exhibition, Tales From an Expanding World was presented as part of Singapore Art Week 2023, marking Piccinini’s first commercial solo exhibition in Southeast Asia.

Her sculptures were well received by the audience, leaving them in awe of her hyperrealistic humanoid sculptures. The fleshy creatures made of silicone, fibreglass, and human hair share the glow that enlivens human eyes, inciting recognition and repulsion in equal measure. Wearing ambiguous expressions resembling anxiety or surprise, Piccinini’s naked bodies are sculpted with features that blend human and animal traits. In While She Sleeps, a Tasmanian tiger-human hybrid lies curled on another’s lap, hinting at a vulnerability that pertains to all lifeforms.

As quoted from the writer, Elaine Zheng of Ocula, “By collapsing the formal distinctions between species, Piccinini pushes against our hierarchical biological inclinations. The same drive toward unity informed the artist’s 2003 Venice Biennale project We Are Family.”

Patricia Piccinini’s Tales From an Expanding World will be presented at Yavuz Gallery until 5 February 2023.

Image: installation view of Patricia Piccinini, Tales From an Expanding World, 2023, Yavuz Gallery, Singapore