Peripheries II: Abdul Abdullah and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah at Moore Contemporary

8 Aug 2021

Brothers Abdul Abdullah and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah feature their newest works in Peripheries, the second iteration of two reciprocal exhibitions.

The shared project and joined paintings by Abdul and sculptures by Abdul-Rahman, creates a vital expression, charged by current local and global state of affairs. These two complementary statements come together, forming an incisive dialogue enlightened by their personal perceptions and realities of what centre and periphery might mean.

“Peripheries is an exercise in duality, treading two lines, two conceptions of peripheral identity that run parallel to each other. Each work, too, seems to embody a juxtaposition; contentment and captivity, turbulence and steady reassurance. Perhaps the most fundamental duality here is that of peripherality and centrality itself. The centre seems to be a conception in flux, as normalcy is upended in the world at large. The Abdullah brothers speak, through their work, reflexively of their own peripheral identities – and through the shared humanity we encounter in their work, allow us to reflect upon our own.” – Somayra Ismailjee

Peripheries will be on view until 11 September at Moore Contemporary.

Image: Installation of Abdul Abdullah, Peripheries, 2021, Moore Contemporary, Perth, WA; photo by Dave Deves