Pinaree Sanpitak at RIFTS: Thai Contemporary Artistic Practices In Transition, 1980s-2000s, BACC Thailand

24 Oct 2019

Pinaree Sanpitak is currently presenting several works at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand, as part of their group exhibition, RIFTS: Thai Contemporary Artistic Practices In Transition, 1980s-2000s. 

The exhibition seeks to chronologically explore the contemporary art world in Thailand from the late 1980s — a period which arguably marked the beginning of a significant transition — well into the 2000s as the modern art movement in the country is believed to reach its zenith. Artistic phenomena of great magnitude were witnessed during that time as people started to challenge the artistic power structure in traditional institutions and conventional art practices. In doing so, independent art spaces were created, accompanied by greater connections with transnational art networks, and, most importantly, the production of unconventional artworks from avant-garde artists at the time. This, in turn, resulted in what seemed like “RIFTS” in Thai art scene which have continued to exert their influence until the present day. This exhibition comprehensively compiles art practices and ideologies that were established and emerged during that period of time.

Image: installation view of Pinaree Sanpitak’s Kiwi works I, II; Womanly Stroke; Solid as a rock; One of those nights and The vessel / and everything in between. Courtesy of the artist and BACC