Pinaree Sanpitak on moving through space, seeing with a painter’s perspective and building multi-layered concepts

2 Nov 2019

“I really wanted to get back into painting again, because painting demands that the artist stays put and continues work on a canvas for an extended period of time. I started making these large canvases in red, and you can see a real continuation between these large canvases and the ‘Red Alert’ series I’ve been working on. As you know, I’ve been working on the female being and feminine forms for a long time but it’s still an important issue today. I wanted to see how these forms would look like in bright red, and that’s how I approached the print works in the beginning. I wanted to do a series of prints that depicted the breast vessels in red. At Yavuz Gallery, there’ll be thirteen pieces on display. Audiences will definitely see concepts and images within these paintings that relate to the prints at STPI.”

Object Lessons Space interviews Pinaree Sanpitak about her practice and her process of working with new materials.