Pinaree Sanpitak on view at Arter in the group exhibition In Its Own Shadow

19 Oct 2023

Pinaree Sanpitak’s The Mirror is on view at Arter, Istanbul, as part of the group exhibition In Its Own Shadow.

Curated by Emre Baykal and Gizem Uslu Tümer, the presentation spotlights works by 25 artists from the institution’s collection, revolving around thematic duality concepts like inside and outside, public and private, presence and absence, memory and oblivion, and the interplay between void and body.

With The Mirror, Sanpitak delves into the concept of the body as a vessel for our physical and spiritual existence, facilitating our co-existence with the natural world. Featuring a custom cut mirror enclosed within a shallow silver-framed aluminium cast, the reflective bottom creates an imaginary depth that allows the viewer to contemplate a Narcissus-like double when standing before or above it. This shiny surface is filled by reflections of the world rather than the symbolic void.

In Its Own Shadow is on view at Arter until 7 April 2024.

Images: installation view of Pinaree Sanpitak, The Mirror at Arter, Istanbul. Courtesy of the artist and Arter