Princeton University adds Hadieh Shafie to their collection

30 Mar 2023

Hadieh Shafie’s Manuscript Zig Zag White (Transition Series) has recently been acquired by Princeton University, adding to the impressive list of major institutional collections that hold her work. 

Highly detailed and process-oriented, Shafie’s bright paper works bear intricate designs, containing handwritten notes concealed between folds and often produced on large-scale paper exceeding a metre in length and width. Repetition, process, and time are recurrent themes in her meticulous sculptures. Her work has been exhibited globally and is featured in several prestigious collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA), The Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), and The British Museum (UK), amongst others. 

The acquisition of Manuscript Zig Zag White (Transition Series) by Princeton University is a testament to the enduring significance of Shafie’s work in the contemporary art world.

Image artwork: Hadieh Shafies, Manuscript Zig Zag White (Transition Series), 2022, Stacked, rolled, and spiked paper with embedded handwritten and printed text, ink, and acrylics, 156 x 110 x 14 cm