Pull Focus: Julian Meagher’s, The small hours

20 Nov 2021

Art Collector’s ‘Pull Focus’ series features Julian Meagher Rapid Eye Movement #5 and Slow Wave Cycle (Marrickville) from his exhibition The small hours.

As Meagher transits to an increasingly abstract approach to his paintings, he diminishes a figurative portrayal which creates allowance for an emotional narrative, slowly shifting his subject matter to emotions and memories. However, what remains consistent is his ultra-romantic landscapes, extended by the sumptuous tones, exploring the sense of momentary in Slow Wave Cycle (Marrickville). The aforementioned work features vertical bandings synonymous with crepuscular rays of a setting sun on its horizon, a prominent sense of infinity and endlessness.

With the birth of his daughter comes Rapid Eye Movement #5, a dreamy portrait capturing a mellow and intimate moment. The recent development of his journey into parenthood has given him a pensive new outlook, altering his relationship to painting. He has gained a profound sense of belonging and placed emphasis on intergenerational links in relation to the notions of revolution.

Although non-linear in their construction, the works share a similar sense of enchantment, encapsulating ever-changing moments that sit between reality and comprehension.

“These pairings are especially beautiful because of the translucent pink and the luminosity that is present in both of these works, it is incredibly intimate and incredibly immersive. But in the exhibition, they both command the same power and importance.”

The small hours is exhibiting at Yavuz Gallery, Sydney from until 18th December 2021.

Image: Julian Meagher, Rapid Eye Movement #5, 2021, oil on linen, 51 x 41 cm