Starch, an artist-run space by Moses Tan

14 Aug 2021

Singaporean artist Moses Tan talks about his artist-run space with Plural Art Magazine.

In December 2020, Tan started an independent art space located in an industrial estate at Upper Thompson, and have already had a steady stream of exhibitions, events and workshops. Named ‘starch’, it embodies the carbohydrate’s energy giving properties in hopes that it will provide a space for conversations amongst artists and create a community within.

Tan expressed his concerns about how some art spaces are slowly disappearing or are not doing well in Singapore. With his parent’s support, he wasted no time making use of the space as an opportunity to create a platform for him and other artists to explore and experiment to create exhibitions.

Looking forward, Tan shares his excitement at all the upcoming shows and programme to come, as well as the possibility of creating a residency space here at Starch.

Perhaps it’s also about realising that even in our own practices and processes, it’s never solely about one person, but a community of people that you work with.” – Moses Tan

Image: Courtesy of Starch and Plural Art Magazine