The New York Times spotlights Pinaree Sanpitak

6 Dec 2022

Pinaree Sanpitak has been featured in The New York Times following her solo presentation at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Yavuz Gallery’s debut at Art Basel Miami continues Pinaree Sanpitak’s symbolic exploration of the female form with a total of 5 paintings and a staggering 119 sculptures. Each layer of these sculptures have been meticulously handcrafted, attaching a wet brush to a compass and creating layers of circles on mulberry bark paper. The tedious process produces a breast-like shape with frayed edges, not at all reminiscent of its former material.

The presentation is a celebration of the woman’s breast, serving as a metaphor for motherhood and love. Sanpitak focuses on how the human form can hold a myriad of experiences akin to changing and adapting with time. In the interview Sanpitak comments, “It all relates to the body as a vessel and the vessel as the body,” She continues, “The body is the receiver and giver of many things: emotions and experiences, all tangible and intangible.”

David Belcher, writer of The NY Times mentions, “The collection will no doubt draw in the curious at Art Basel Miami Beach. It’s all part of how the female shape, no matter how it’s depicted — abstract or in full-on realism — can be a journey for both the artist and the viewer.”

Image: Installation view of Pinaree Sanpitak, breasts, vessels, clouds and stupas, Art Basel Miami Beach 2022.