Womanifesto: Flowing Connections features Pinaree Sanpitak

13 Sep 2023

Pinaree Sanpitak’s Confident Bodies is currently featured in Womanifesto: Flowing Connections, a group exhibition at the Bangkok Art & Culture Center (BACC).

In Confident Bodies (1996–97), Sanpitak broadens her focus from isolated body parts to invoke the standing human body. Vertical steel rods rise to hip height, upon which sculpted saa paper (mulberry bark) features female torsos with breasts sprout, often deformed or attenuated. These upright, life-size figures, reminiscent of the dressmaker’s headless mannequin, inhabit the space with a corporeal presence distinct from her earlier, smaller, floor-based sculptural pieces.

Womanifesto: Flowing Connections is a group exhibition of over 30 international artists, and presents Womanifesto’s significant projects starting from their first exhibition in 1997 to the present. Womanifesto: Flowing Connections continues to set up a point of interaction based on care and conviviality, representing the Womanifesto ethos— of creating a collective space and inviting intergenerational and multi-skilled women artists to present and interact with the public.

The exhibition is on view at Bangkok Art & Culture Center (BACC) until 30 December 2023.

Images: Installation view of Confident Bodies in Womanifesto: Flowing Connections at BACC. Images courtesy of the artist, Womanifesto, and BACC.