Yavuz Gallery becomes Ames Yavuz

16 Feb 2024

Yavuz Gallery becomes Ames Yavuz

We are excited to announce that on Saturday 17 February, Yavuz Gallery will be renamed as Ames Yavuz. 

Ames Yavuz has grown from its roots in Singapore and Australia to become an international gallery dedicated to nurturing leading contemporary artists from around the world.  

Founded as Yavuz Gallery in Singapore in 2010 by Can Yavuz, the gallery expanded to Sydney in 2019, proudly becoming the first commercial art gallery from Asia to establish a permanent space in Australia.

Today, Yavuz Gallery is renamed Ames Yavuz, synthesising the surnames of Can Yavuz and Glen Ames to reflect their respective Asia-Pacific and European heritage, and their relationship both in life and business. Ames and Yavuz share a vision to nurture and elevate artists who spark dialogue and effect change through contemporary art. 

Ames Yavuz embraces its diverse background through a strong international perspective. Our focus continues to be underpinned by robust curatorial, commercial, and institutional practices that foster intercultural discourse on a global scale.  

We are honoured to represent an array of established and emerging artists from around the world. Ames Yavuz is committed to celebrating art and artists – shining a light on diversity in all its forms and promoting social significance in art that addresses the pressing issues of our times.

For all enquires please contact Dharshini Kannan via email dharshini@amesyavuz.com

Image: Portrait of Glen Ames and Can Yavuz