Press Release: Yavuz Gallery joins Gillman Barracks

26 Aug 2014

Yavuz Gallery is pleased to announce its move to Gillman Barracks. Our new space will open its doors to the public on 26 September 2014 to coincide with Gillman Barrack’s second anniversary.

The move to Gillman Barracks is an important development for Yavuz Gallery, as it approaches its fifth anniversary. At more than 260 sqm, this new exhibition space will be able to accommodate large-scale installations and exhibitions by artists with multi-disciplinary practices, allowing the gallery to continue presenting cutting-edge contemporary artworks and exhibitions by local and international artists.

Says Can Yavuz, founder and Director of Yavuz Gallery, “Moving to Gillman Barracks was the next logical step for the gallery since its inauguration in early 2010. We have been impressed by Gillman Barrack’s growth and development over the past two years, and believe in the vision for it to become one of the main gallery hubs in Asia. With top galleries and the recent opening of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore, Gillman Barracks has established itself as a vibrant and important arts community where gallerists, artists and other arts professionals can engage in dialogue and exchange ideas and resources. We are proud and excited to be a part of this.”

The inaugural exhibition at our new space will be a solo exhibition by South Korean artist Shin Kwang Ho. Since graduating from Keimyung University in Korea in 2009, Shin Kwang Ho (b. 1983) has become one of Asia’s most sought-after young artists, and his works are already included in numerous private collections worldwide.