Alvin Ong | Hopper Prize: Finalist Interview

4 May 2020

“The Sydney show is titled Long Distance, which stems from my experiences moving between London and Singapore, and the accompanying emotional longings which accentuated prolonged periods of distance. Many of my figurations are motivated by the idea of locating the local within the global, a reality of reattachment, multiple attachment, or attachment at a distance; a habitation that is complex and multiple but does not cease to be a mode of belonging. “Quarantine”, for example, was made just when I was supposed to fly back to the UK, and countries started locking down. I suppose its also about isolation. From the frame of my desktop to my window looking out into the world, the world suddenly felt really small.”

Alvin Ong speaks to the Hopper Prize about his upcoming solo exhibition in Sydney and his practice.

He is currently a finalist of the Hopper Prize, USA.