André Hemer’s ‘Sky Sculpture’ at SARP – Art Gallery & Research Space

18 Oct 2023

André Hemer’s immersive installation, Sky Sculpture, is currently on view at SARP.

Following his residency at the Sicily Art Program Foundation in July 2022, Hemer presents a site-specific digital sculpture titled Sky Sculpture. As a continuation of his research, he focuses on the brightness of the sky at dusk and the elusive light that can be detected when clouds filter the sun’s rays.

This digital installation delves into the natural environment and our human relationship with the sky, featuring the ever-changing natural lights of Sicily and the botanical varieties of Palazzo Previtera, digitally integrated with the artist ample digital archive of photographs. Hemer also draws inspiration from various conceptual themes related to the composition of eighteenth-century Venetian paintings and incorporates various environmental phenomena such as dust storms, cloud formation, and flora.

As a multimedia artist, Hemer goes beyond the traditional presentation of digital work on walls. His interest has led him to explore how his work interacts with the exhibition space, where art, science, and technology converge and communicate: placing the digital sculpture in the center of the room, surrounded by an artificial water basin and under a transparent wooden truss roof. This approach allows for a deeper exploration of the metaphorical, conceptual, and technical relationship of water to his Sky Sculpture. Combining architecture, technology, and digital art, the installation emphasises the evolution of the Sicilian landscape and the changing Mediterranean climates, including the influence of Saharan sandstorms.

Sky Sculpture will be on view at SARP in Sicily from 7 October until 30 October 2023.

Images: installation view of Sky Sculpture, 2023, water and HD video projection (H.264/NFT), 1920 x 1080, 20-min infinite loop, vertical format, SARP, Sicily, Italy. Courtesy of André Hemer and SARP.