ArtReview: What to Make of Po Po?

10 Sep 2020

“Every encounter with an artist of consequence, in a sense, involves learning a new language. Driven by a fiercely personal logic, shaped by his environment but irreducible to it, absorbing outside influences and then mutating them, and passing through minimalist, conceptual or otherwise contemporary art without having heard of them at the moment of creation, Po Po’s language is communicative without being completely legible.He speaks in codes that resist codification. But are there ways to get him? The exhibition title, Primeval Codes, suggests that he is trying to tap into something ancient and primitive about communication – a part that is more instinctive and unreasoning, perhaps even fundamental to life.”

Adeline Chia from ArtReview Asia profiles Po Po, including a review on his solo exhibition exhibition Primeval Codes at Yavuz Gallery SIngapore.