Blue Island: Christopher Bassi, Julian Meagher and Guido Maestri

1 Aug 2022

Christopher Bassi, Julian Meagher and Guido Maestri were invited to Blue Island, a group exhibition at Byron School of Art curated by Sally Anderson.

The Works centered on relations between personal experiences and hydrangea and demonstrating the capacity for colour and object to hold and trigger memory and association. In attempting to realise something perhaps visually impossible to verify within their paintings; mixing colours truthfully and straightforwardly from memory, the artists were challenged to settle on feeling and intuitive correctness rather than absolute truth and certainty. The result is a collection of essentially monochromatic surfaces individually steeped with hidden and concealed recollections personal livelihood, these paintings give a condensed glimpse into each artists painterly trademark.

The exhibition Blue Islands runs until 19th August 2022 at Byron School of Art, NSW, Australia

Images: Julian Meagher, For Dorothy, 2021, oil on linen, 111 x 111 cm | Photos by Jessica Maurer