Featured by Juxtapoz: Alvin Ong’s ‘Body and Blood’ Exhibition in Sydney

2 May 2024

Juxtapoz Magazine spotlight on Alvin Ong’s ‘Body and blood’ at Ames Yavuz Sydney.

In “Body and Blood,” the “rituals of inclusion and exclusion” are reflected in Ong’s works, which explore his life in both London and Singapore, encompassing the fantastical and the metaphysical. FFood takes on a sacred nature, and the body becomes adaptable or flexible. The exhibition, as noted by Juxtapoz editor Evan Pricco, is”… like a diary of how life can be just as fascinating, that ritual can be so simple, even in the chores of everyday life”.

Pricco continues, “…what Ong is always so wonderful at displaying, is that the body is a marker of time, both spent and the dreams of what will be. He moves the body like a flexible object to move through time but also a solid object that is very real and very rooted.”

‘Body and blood’ on view until 18 May 2024.

Image: Installation view of Alvin Ong’s ‘Body and blood’ at Ames Yavuz, Sydney, 2024. Courtesy of the artist.