Grazia Singapore in conversation with Alvin Ong and Pinaree Sanpitak

22 Feb 2024

Grazia Singapore presents insights from Singaporean artist Alvin Ong and Pinaree Sanpitak from Thailand. In a dialogue about creativity, inspiration, and purpose, these artists share their perspectives on contemporary art and its role in today’s world.

“An artist creates a language to portray thoughts, stories, experiences, ideas, and memories. The vocabulary and structure can be unique, specific, or general. It is a freedom in creation that cannot be taken for granted,” expressed Sanpitak.

For Ong, art serves as a reflection of societal issues, and is paintings are inspired by everyday experiences and digital landscapes. “The art world is also a reflection of the larger problems that plague the world at large. My paintings are a mirror”, Ong states.

When questioned about the next phase of their artistic journey, Sanpitak elaborated on her opportunities to collaborate in site-specific venues. These endeavors present both challenges and prospects for her to explore how her works can meaningfully interact with their surroundings. “A lot of the time, things in my life happen so coincidentally, like my new kinetic work, ‘Balancing Act,’ which undulates and twirls with each momentum, in each move, in each character—not unlike how one manages one’s life each day.”

Meanwhile, Ong’s responses underscore the importance of maintaining authenticity amidst artistic evolution—exploring the intricate relationship between the body and storytelling. He describes that his works “… are often semi-autobiographical, but I keep narratives as open-ended as possible at the start and improvise from there.”

In a world of shifting creative currents, both artists’ reflections offer insights into the interconnectedness between art and life, inviting audiences to contemplate the intricacies of existence through their mesmerizing creations.

Image: Profile of Alvin Ong in front of ‘Love Language’ at Art SG 2024, photographed by Jaya Khidir. Courtesy of the artist and Grazia Singapore.