IndesignLive: ‘Desert Songs’ is an artistic odyssey

11 Oct 2023

IndesignLive highlights the unveiling of Desert Songs at Yavuz Sydney. The exhibition celebrates the work of leading Western Aranda artist Vincent Namatjira OAM through his new body of work, and marks his debut with the gallery.

As described in the article “Desert Songs at Yavuz Gallery is more than an exhibition; it’s a testament to the power of art in confronting complex historical narratives and fostering important dialogues in our evolving social world.”

Namatjira continues to shape Australia’s artistic landscape, with his unique children’s picture book painting a rich portrait of his great-grandfather, Albert Namatjira – one of Australia’s most iconic artists himself. His upcoming book, Vincent Namatjira, is set for release on October 31 and will feature insightful essays by prominent art figures as well as Vincent’s distinctive voice echoing through his work to offer an immersive glimpse into his unique perspective and creative evolution.

Namatjira’s work is a reflection of identity, history, and the enduring spirit of Indigenous Australia – and it invites us all to engage with these themes from the heart.

Images: exhibition view of Desert Songs, 2023, Yavuz Gallery, Sydney, Australia.