Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, See Through at Institute of Modern Art

21 Oct 2021

From Leaves to Weaves: “See/Through”, is an ongoing exhibition at the Institute on Modern Art by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan.

In this newly commissioned installation, a focus on Filipino textile and fibre traditions expands on the Aquilizan’s existing practice. Woven and embroidered out of Piña (pineapple) by pineapple textile weavers from Aklan Panay Island, and embroiders from Lumban Laguna in the Philippines, the artwork causes a blur between the lines of what is fact and fiction.

Generating an informal space within an institutional setting, this woven work sets an alternative space of wonderment. The connected fibres and layered woven silk allow the viewers to become intertwined in the collaborative story-telling and connection across trades, cultures, and countries.

“See/Through” is on view at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia until 18 December.

Images: installation and artwork and details of Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, ‘See/Through’, 2021, fifteen panels callado-embroidered piña cloth, dimensions variable; commissioned by Institute of Modern Art | Photos by Joe Ruckli