Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan in ‘A Portrait of A Portrait Show Part 2’

13 Jan 2024

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan are featured in the second edition of a group exhibition titled A PORTRAIT OF A PORTRAIT SHOW, curated by Elaine Roberto Navas at MO_Space. This exhibition focuses on the complex representation of group dynamics to create an engaging portrait of Filipino identity, creativity, and community. Painting a composite picture of an aesthetic milieu shaped by networks of intellectual and creative influence revolving around various artists in the show. It generates diverse representations of the self as both subject and conceptual construct, employing various modes of abstraction, figuration, and narrative through drawing and painting, photography and printmaking, mixed media, and sculpture. Together, these elements capture the dynamic features of contemporary art production in Manila.

The first iteration of this exhibition highlighted distinctive traits in dynamic portraiture. This rendition builds on the theme further as artists, explore selfhood and its multi-faceted dimensions.

For A PORTRAIT OF A PORTRAIT SHOW (Part 2), the husband-and-wife artist duo’s work centers on a universal medium for the transport of goods becoming the metaphorical construct for fluctuating identities in an age of globalised exchange.

View the Aquilizan’s work at MO_Space, Manila, until 11 February.

Images: Installation of Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan’s work at MO_Space, 2023. Courtesy of the artists.