Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan’s ‘Head/Home’ at Groninger Museum’s Children’s Biennale

9 Mar 2024

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan’s ‘Head/Home’ is on view at Groninger Museum in Netherlands, for their second edition of the major children’s Biennale. This children’s Biennale features diverse artists from around the globe exhibiting installations that delve into the theme of this edition: ‘A Better Place’. Inviting both children and adults, this immersive experience encourages contemplation of a brighter world through interactive activities that ignite imagination and creativity.

Previously shown in the National Gallery for the Singapore Children’s Biennale, the Aquilizans’ large-scale installation, ‘Head/Home,’ forms a floating city composed of miniature cardboard homes that fills the room, inspiring visitors to unleash their creativity and reflect on their personal concepts of home. Children have the opportunity to build their ideal dwellings using cardboard and everyday materials and contribute to the evolving landscape of the floating city.

Experience the artist-duo’s installation in ‘A Better Place’ that runs until 3 November 2024.

Image: Installation view of Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan’s ‘Head/Home’ at the Groninger Museum, 2024. Photographed by Niels Knelis respectively. Courtesy of the artists and Groninger Museum.